Buttercream Bakery's History



 How do you create a Napa landmark and icon? Long hours and years of hard work. Butter Cream Bakery was born in 1948, when David and Bobbi Closs acquired a small donut shop on Yajome St.


   Word of their donuts spread quickly and before long, people were asking for pies, breads and more. Dave baked a wedding cake for a friend's daughter and suddenly they were in the cake business. Soon a grill was purchased and breakfast was served.


Eventually bakers and waitresses joined the staff, but the Closs' continued their commitment to the bakery, one that started at 12:00am seven days a week. It was a family operated business and they were driven to keep it that way.


In 2001 David and Bobbi, and their son Gerry Closs, restored the Jefferson Street building from top to bottom. Butter Cream's trademark pink and white stripes were repainted, the decor was freshened up to recapture a retro look and the equipment was fully rebuilt.


The second-generation Closs family opened its newly renovated doors in February 2002. Although the traditional recipes are still used and the signature items still line the shelves, new items continue to be introduced.


David and Bobbi Closs spent a lifetime of working together to produce donuts, pastries, cookies and breads. From nothing they built a business that brought them much success, happiness and meaning. That legacy continues within the family today.

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