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Welcome to our Bakery

Recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Welcome to our Bakery

Recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Freshly Baked: Napa’s Favorite Bakery

decorated-cookiesButter Cream Bakery is well known for its melt-in-your-mouth glazed donuts but these gems rarely stay on the shelves.  By far the most requested, memorable and sought after donut is our maple bar.  A soft raised dough topped with a thick layer of our secretly sweetened maple icing has been tantalizing taste buds for generations. And we’ve taken this treasure to new savory heights by topping it with our thick honey cured bacon. It’s a sell out!  From our classic crullers to our Boston Cream, we continue to create the best donuts in town.

However that’s not the “hole” story, we offer a large variety of pastries, muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes.  Our bakery uses the finest quality ingredients and prides itself on recipes that date back 70 years. Our Danish pastries continue to be made in the time honored tradition of rolling, buttering and chilling our dough which results in an airy multilayered pastry that melts in your mouth. An oldie but goodie is the Butterhorn…a customer favorite!

If you are celebrating a birthday or special event, we have the cake for you. Our freshly baked cakes include a variety of delicious flavors and styles. Our signature butter cream icing has become a family tradition among many and a feature in birthday celebrations across the valley. It gives us great pride that our customers come back year after year to buy their birthday and celebration cakes. For those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth with something smaller than a traditional cake, we also offer a variety of cupcakes.

All products are produced in our facility and made with equipment that comes into contact with gluten and nuts. If you have a very severe allergy, we do not recommend you consume our products.

To place an order, call (707) 255-6700


We have a lot more flavors in store, but listed are just a few of our most popular.


Regular Flavors

Raised Glazed


Sprinkled Chocolate Cake



Cake Plain

Chocolate Coconut Cake

Chocolate Covered Cake   

The Simpson  


Maple Raised


Chocolate Raised 

Pink Raised

Sugar Raised

Chocolate Nutty Cake

Old Fashioned Chocolate


Buttermilk Puff Glazed


Buttermilk Puff Sugar

Old Fashioned Glazed

Old Fashioned Maple

Fancy Flavors

Apple Fritter


Cinnamon Rolls


Blueberry Fritter

Boston Cream (aka "custard filled")

Chocolate Bar

Maple Bar


Bacon Maple Bar


Custard Filled Maple Bar

Jelly Filled with Sugar coating

Jelly Filled with Icing

Lemon Filled


Cinnamon Twist


Chocolate Twist

Coconut Twist

Glazed Twist

French Glazed

French Chocolate


We offer a variety of fresh baked pastries ranging from Danish to muffins and beyond.


Types of Pastries

Cream Cheese Danish 

Custard Danish   

Fruit Scones 


Figure 8 Danish

Bread Pudding

Apple Crisp

Napa Valley Wine Cake   A Napa bakery would not be complete without a wine cake.





Champagne   A bite sized version of our famous champagne cake


White   Traditional white cake topped with white butter cream icing

Chocolate   Devil's food cake topped with chocolate butter cream icing


Red Velvet   Chocolatey red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing

img_6406 copy 2

Carrot   Traditional carrot cake topped with cream cheese icing

Chocolate Mouse   Devil's food cake topped with our creamy chocolate mousse icing

Oreo   Devil's food cake topped with our Oreo cream icing & cookie crumbles

Chocolate Ganache   Devil's food cake filled with raspberry compote topped with chocolate butter cream icing and dipped in our rich ganache chocolate

We also feature a supersized version of our white and chocolate cupcakes topped with a character of the day.



We make traditional white cake, devil’s food chocolate cake and our signature white chiffon cake. Our cakes include 2 layers and feature a generous filling of your choice.  We offer a large variety of cake fillings and flavors; however we are featuring our most popular combinations below.


Traditional Flavors

White with Strawberry   This is our traditional white cake made with fresh whole eggs, cake flour, sugar and vanilla. A hint of butter gives this cake a deliciously moist flavor.  Layers are generously filled with strawberry compote and frosted with our signature white butter cream icing.


White with Raspberry   Our traditional white cake generously filled with raspberry compote. This cake is finished with our signature white butter cream icing; however, some have chosen our chocolate butter bream icing to compliment the raspberries.

White with Lemon   Our traditional white cake.  The lemon cream filling is made in-house with a generous amount of fresh whole eggs. This lemon filling is very light yet refreshingly creamy. We finish this cake with our signature white butter cream icing.


Chocolate with Raspberry   Our time-honored chocolate devil's food cake is made with a generous amount of cocoa and fresh whole eggs.  Layers are generously filled with raspberry compote and finished with our signature chocolate butter cream icing.

Fancy Flavors

The Champagne Cake   Newspapers have written about it and customers drive miles to buy it…the champagne cake is our most popular and well-known cake. Made with our own white chiffon cake, layered with champagne custard and topped with our own butter cream icing, you can’t go wrong with this choice.  Refrigeration is required.


Chocolate with Custard   Our time-honored devils food cake is generously filled with our own rich, creamy custard. A very rich cake but a wonderful combination for custard lovers!  This cake is traditionally finished in our signature white butter cream icing.


White with Custard   Our traditional white cake or our white chiffon cake generously filled with rich, creamy custard. A lighter tasting version of the chocolate with custard cake, which is also finished with our white butter cream icing.

German Chocolate   Our time-honored devils food cake is layered with our own signature German chocolate icing that includes a generous amount of sugar yolks, coconut and almonds.


Oreo   Our devils food cake topped with our Oreo cream icing & cookie crumbles


Carrot Cake   A traditional carrot cake but filled with pounds of raisins, pineapple and carrots. No scrimping here! Again, this is our original butter cream recipe finished with our made-from-scratch cream cheese icing.

Chocolate with Strawberry   Our time-honored devils food cake is generously filled with fresh frozen strawberries and finished in our light whipped cream icing with chocolate shavings.


Standard decorated cakes come with a choice of roses, grapes, or balloons.

CakeSheetBalloon-2 Cake-with-Roses-#2 CakeMixedFloral-2

Themed decorated cakes come with a choice of theme that range from Disney characters to sports to hobbies and beyond.

GolfThemecake HelloKittyTheme

Custom decorated cakes are available by quote only. Contact us for more information.

teapot Cakebuttercreamlogo-2 CakeFootball

Cake Sizes

Rounds Approximate Servings
6 inch 6-8
8 inch 8-10
9 inch 12-15
10 inch 20-25
12 inch 24-30


Sheets Approximate Servings
1/4 sheet 12-16
1/3 sheet 16-20
1/2 sheet 24-32
Full Sheet 48-64



All Pies

Banana Cream
Chocolate Cream
Coconut Cream
Lemon Meringue
Strawberry Rhubarb

Seasonal Pies: